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the optical function of the machine

One, two kinds of working mode
According to the requirements of using select work mode
1, the elongation pattern: priority control elongation (elongation remains unchanged, rolling force change, exit tension constant)
(1) the elongation of the measurement through the entrance and the tensioning roller speed control in the middle
(2) the entrance to the strip tension by supporting roller speed change control
(3) the exit strip tension by middle tension roller speed change control (pull machine before)
(4) by changing control rolling force is extended, if the maximum rolling force is still cannot achieve elongation, exit strip tension change
2, rolling force model: priority control rolling force change strip roughness (rolling force constant, elongation change, export tension constant)
(1) the entrance to the strip tension by changing the supporting roller speed control
(2) roughness by rolling force control
(3) by changing the tension between the exit strip tension roller (6) speed control
Second, the light way to control the whole line
Hydraulic Roll Force Cylinders (rolling Force Hydraulic cylinder) light overall there are two kinds of control mode: position control and control rolling Force is a light at the bottom of the machine, by controlling the location of the two Hydraulic cylinder and the pressure for the machine to provide the necessary light rolling Force, each Hydraulic cylinder through a servo valve to control the oil flow rate.
Third, work roll bending control
The Work Roll Bending Cylinders (Bending hydraulic cylinder) is composed of 16 Roll, Roll Bending by the hydraulic cylinder pressure change of Work Roll Bending, (through the servo system control, each Bending negative Bending are equipped with a pressure sensor) Bending effect: ensure the Work Roll in light overall opening or closing levels Make the work roll bending outward (rolling) negative bending effect: make into the work roll bending on both sides (rolling).
Four, west rolling system (Wet roller system)
Three injection pipe, a work roll on entry, one in the bottom work roll, a support roll at the top. Effect of cleaning roller life extension, reduce the friction between the roller with smaller rolling force to get larger elongation.
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