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How to set the machine before and after tension light

Tension is the basic process parameters of light affect the normal operation of the light machine, also affect the quality of the products after finishing.
To really play the light efficiency of the machine, you must use the elongation model, the effect of thefamily of galvanized sheet also in elongation on the size of the galvanized sheet. When finishing, elongation of the gain is the outcome of combined action of tension and rolling force. The two are complementary to each other, if the tension is bigger, the rolling force can be smaller; If the tension is small, rolling force must be bigger. But tension or rolling force is too small, cannot achieve the purpose of finishing. In order to make the light tension fluctuations, the speed of the machine in the production line to run normally, some hope tension as large as possible, and the rolling force. That can mitigate the effects of strip shape to light the whole process, to prevent the vibration of the galvanized sheet, wrinkle or instantaneous loss. At the same time to prevent the speed difference between work roll and galvanized sheet is good.
In general, a good light in front of the machine must be equipped with one or two tension roll group. Because the back of the tensile machine tension is compared commonly big, have the power of the larger tension roller before, you can generate larger finishing tension, to obtain ideal finishing effect. Light overall ideal Zhang Lida tension value of unit 8 ~ 1 okgf/mm ^ 2 or so, after which the export side tension is higher than population side of front tension about 10% ~ 20%. Such tension both actual and pull machine only slightly smaller. Values, such as lower than relies on the rolling force of larger to compensate.


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