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High pressure cleaner so long service life

High pressure cleaner so long service life Along with the development of the industry, the purpose of the high pressure cleaner is becoming more and more widely, various industries need cleaner to cleaning equipment, ground, vehicle, machining parts, etc., but in the daily maintenance concept, cause machine often fail.
High pressure cleaning machine used in the process of using lifespan as usual maintenance is inseparable.
1, high pressure cleaner, pressure at the first use of not too high, because in a period of high pressure causes the crankshaft, connecting rod strain, new machines in the oil change to work 10 hours or so.
2, in the use of high pressure cleaning machine to good use to filter the water tank, not directly from tap water faucet or directly into the well, because of the high water and well water sediment concentration, can cause the valve plug, affect the normal use machine.
3, high pressure cleaner in using 200 hours to replace a motor oil or oil white (less than 200 hours) will be replaced when, at the time of oil change must pay attention to add too much on oil will cause the oil spill, less oil will cause the crankshaft. Connecting rod lock, generally to the half of the oil level.
4, the service life of the high pressure cleaner is to rely on the usual maintenance and maintenance, the hope can give you the interpretation of more than simple help.


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