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Comparing different cleaning mode of water saving vegetable

Journal of agricultural engineering in September 2008, the ministry of agriculture planning and design institute for vegetables water consumption problem in the process of cleaning production, created the analysis mathematical model to calculate the vegetable washing water consumption, through analyzing and comparing several kinds of cleaning water model, it is concluded that more model of tank washing water consumption is far less than the single tank cleaning water consumption.
The study, published in the journal of agricultural engineering in 2008, 24 (9), entitled "the vegetable washer, comparing different cleaning mode of water saving.
Vegetable cleaning the waste of water resources in the process of production of industrialization is a concern. Vegetables cleaning water consumption and the closely related species, the degree of dirt, cleaning process, and also cleaning mode, and the product requirements of vegetables after cleaning with water. Vegetable species, smudgy degree and vegetables after cleaning product requirements directly affect the absolute quantity of water, and use different cleaning process and the model may lead to water consumption change, it is also a vegetable cleaning process to reduce the available factors of water consumption.
For the study of vegetables cleaning vegetables and water consumption in the process of the model, the relationship between based on the results of the study in the vegetable washing test, put forward the scientific evaluation method of water consumption for cleaning equipment, equipment to clean vegetables water consumption expressed as: the leave in the vegetable cleaning water turbidity will use the same limit conditions, equipment cleaning a certain amount of the total volume of water needed to quality vegetables. And wash water consumption with unit vegetables quality water consumption as evaluation parameters.
The study clean with clean water turbidity as water smudgy degree of quantitative indicators, first put forward the concept of vegetables turbidity than the rate of change, and vegetables turbidity than the rate of change as smudgy degree of quantitative indicators. The study by designing various vegetables cleaning water model, by using the method of theoretical analysis for various cleaning mode of the water turbidity mathematical model is established, the change rule of case analysis and apply mathematical model to calculate the different smudgy degree vegetables need cleaning water. To water consumption calculation analysis results show that the vegetable species, certain smudgy degree and vegetables with water rate is certain, expect vegetable leaves water turbidity index of some cases, different cleaning mode of water consumption is large. Under the condition of research Settings, many tank washing water consumption pattern is far less than the single tank washing water consumption, its essence lies in tank cleaning mode slice through the water quality is poorer, relatively clean water can be fully used.
Originality of the paper for academic papers, the research results with theoretical originality, create the analysis method of calculation can be all kinds of water washing water consumption mode, the study to make cleaning process in the process of production to provide the theoretical basis, it is of great significance to guide the production practice, to promote solving the problem of water waste vegetable cleaning process, create economic benefits through energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental protection.


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