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WMJ-1000 type horizontal vibration grinder
Specifications and technical parameters
1.Capacity (L):1000
2.Dimensions (length x width x height) :1600×1300×1500
3.Working groove vessel diameter(mm):720
4.Motor power (kw):5.8 380V/50HZ Three-phase
5.Weight (kg):980

Application and scope
Mainly used in the material of stainless steel, iron, copper, zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloys after punch, die-casting, casting, powder metallurgy and ceramics, jade, synthetic resin, plastic, porcelain, and other material goods to burr and surface polishing. Especially suitable for large workpieces, such as the long axis or disc type of workpiece to burr, surface polishing.

Working structure and working principle
This machine is composed of a spring and vibration container, a frame and a motor. The vibrating motor is fixedly coupled with the container and is seated in a spring coupled with the base.. In the course of grinding, the container is the main vibration part, should have good rigidity, so welded with steel. In order to prevent lining in the process of vibration surface is scratched and reduce noise and coated on the inner wall of the container liner rubber or polyurethane, rubber material has wear-resisting, acid and alkali resistance, but not resistant to oil. Polyurethane material has higher wear resistance. The work principle is a principle of vibratory grinding, the container will need to deburring and polishing the workpiece into the pre prepared a grinding stone and grinding agent container, rely on container regular vibration, the workpiece and grinding stones and grinding agent, relying on container regular vibration, relative motion is generated in the workpiece and grinding stones, grinding each other, the protruding out of the workpiece surface and the surrounding burr worn away, and the sharp edge rounding and surface polishing treatment.


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